Contractor Compliance Names Joey O’Kane as an Account Executive

Toronto, ON, Canada.  Release: Monday December 3rd, 2018 Joey brings over 5 years of enterprise SaaS sales experience to Contractor Compliance.  Having extensive experience in opening new markets for technology companies, Joey has a track record of delivering exceptional customer experiences while growing revenue. Most recently, Joey worked for Canopy Labs, consulting with airline, entertainment, and retail marketing executives, guiding them to leverage customer data as a means of improving both customer experiences and incremental revenue growth. Joey is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick's Business Administration program, where he received several accolades, including a nomination for the Rhodes Scholarship and graduating with Dean's List Distinction. Joey will be building the foundation of Contractor Compliance's

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Contractor Compliance Names Addison Moore as Director of Marketing

Toronto, ON, Canada. Release: Monday December 3, 2018 Contractor Compliance announced today that Addison Moore is joining their team as the Director of Marketing. Addison brings over 10 years of marketing expertise where he has rebranded and grown companies across a variety of industries. He has a versatile skillset which ranges from kerning and UX to marketing strategy and lead generation. Most recently, Addison started his own brand consulting company where he and his team provide web and graphic design, PPC, SEO and a variety of other services including ongoing consulting for several prominent real estate teams across Canada. Addison holds a Bachelor of Design (BDes) in Advertising from OCAD University. As

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Contractor Compliance Names Julien Grisoni as Customer Success Manager

Toronto, ON, Canada.  Release: Tuesday November 27th, 2018 Contractor Compliance announced today that Julien Grisoni is joining their team as the Customer Success Manager. Julien brings over 10 years of SaaS professional services, consulting, and customer optimization experience in Human Capital Management Software that spans the entire customer success life cycle including solution design, management consulting, implementation and success.  Julien has overseen the deployment and expansion of 100s of SaaS programs across a variety of industries, from small enterprise to large global rollouts. Most recently, Julien worked at CareerBuilder as Solution Consultant where he co-led a team of sales representatives and was responsible for developing sales strategies with complex technical

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How to Achieve 100% Compliance Without Losing Your Mind

From Our CEO, Mark Bania: Since joining Contractor Compliance, I have been asked a similar question by dozens of people. “How is it possible to achieve 100% compliance with my contractors? It just can’t be done. I’ve tried it all!” Now let’s be honest, a lot of factors play into achieving 100% compliance. The number of contractors you rely on, the scope of their work and the geographical territory you operate in all play a part. There are however some basic building blocks that I believe enable organizations to strive for 100% contractor compliance and make it achievable.  Leverage Technology. Maintaining high compliance levels boils down to efficiency in collecting

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Contractor Compliance Names Mark Bania as Chief Executive Officer

Toronto, ON, Canada.  Release: Thursday November 22nd Contractor Compliance announced today that its board of directors has appointed Mark Bania as the Chief Executive Officer. Mark Bania comes to Contractor Compliance with almost a decade of leadership in rapid growth SaaS businesses.  Mark has led both Mid-Market & Enterprise sales efforts at CareerBuilder as their Managing Director of Canada, Regional Sales Leader of California, and most recently as the Vice President of Sales at Upchain. Mark said, “I am honored and humbled to join the incredible team at Contractor Compliance.  The potential of our offering is tremendous, and I’m eager to leverage my experience to take Contractor Compliance to new

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Why You Should “Take It To the Cloud” With Contractor Management

For industries including healthcare, utility/utilities, construction, and manufacturing, contractors are and always have been a cost-efficient way to meet resource needs and source the best skills for your projects. And that’s not likely to change any time soon. But thanks to cloud technology, the way we hire, manage and communicate with those contractors has changed substantially in recent years — and those changes are for the better. So tell us: is your organization taking advantage of the cloud? Here we’ll discuss the role of cloud technology: how it’s changing, why it is changing — and most importantly, how your organization can benefit.

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How to Manage Conflict When Working With Third-Party Contractors

Sometimes, things just don’t work out. It might not be anyone’s fault — or perhaps you feel strongly that it is entirely someone’s fault! — but regardless, regularly working with outside contractors brings about the occasional conflict. But should a conflict arise, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a situation is beyond all repair. Most often, it’s a result of miscommunication that can easily be avoided. Before throwing in the towel completely, follow these 5 steps that help resolve conflicts and turn things around.

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Managing Utility Contractors? Your Top 3 Challenges, Solved (Through Automation)

If your utility company is struggling to keep pace with managing a growing number of third-party contractors in the workplace, you’re not alone. Too often, outdated or manual processes pose significant administrative burdens for hiring organizations who find themselves bogged down in day-to-day inefficiencies. So, here’s the good news: automating some of those efficiencies with software helps a whole lot. (I mean, who doesn’t love easy and reliable shortcuts that put time back into your day?) In this blog, we’ll take a look at some commonly cited pain points for utility organizations and discuss how you may be able to automate them with the right software. Challenge 1: Too Many

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3 Smart Hiring Tips to Protect Your Organization From Compliance Risk

For many organizations, the reliance on third-party contractors is a lucrative part of your business model. Yet managing contractor risk is an ongoing challenge – especially for industries with changing regulatory environments such as manufacturing or utilities. And in today’s media arena, where corporate responsibility is held to highly visible and often-unforgiving social standards, it’s more important than ever to play by the rules when bringing in outside contractors. Failure to ensure compliance upfront can lead to problems down the road. In this blog, we’ll offer a few practical tips to help your company play it smart from the start; that is, in the hiring phase.

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Staying the course: how to prevent contractors from leaving early

When our organizations hire contractors, it can be easy to assume that they will be with us for at least the length of time stipulated by the role offered to them; but contractors often have the right to leave employment earlier than originally agreed, and some choose to exercise it. Putting time and resources into hiring the right contractor for the job means that you want to retain them for the duration of the project, but how can temporary employees be encouraged to stay with your company for as long as you need them to? Understanding the reasons why a contractor may choose to part ways with you earlier than

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