Reduce the Risks of Hiring Contractors

How can you safeguard your company from the common issues that come with working with contractors?
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Why Contractor Compliance?

Contractor Compliance is a software platform that simplifies the everyday management of contractors. It helps you check qualifications, track projects and paperwork, and shows compliance levels in real time.

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Compliance is as easy as logging in.

Contractor Compliance is the cost-effective and efficient way to communicate and manage the data you need from your external contractors. Our easy to use software allows you to set the necessary requirements, and keep track of the evidence provided by your contractors all in one easy to access place.

Benefits you’ll experience:

Save time by automating admin

The system makes light work of a lengthy manual process by following up with contractors on your behalf

Communicate clearly

Converse directly with your contractors in-app

Be prepared

Provide orientations, collect documentation and have contractors ready to work before they arrive on-site

Access on demand

Store required documentation digitally in one central hub

Easy to use

A streamlined dashboard; intuitive user interface; comprehensive training to get you started.

Expand your search

Find new contractors with the skills you need

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Buried in paperwork? Avoid the admin.

Let’s get digital! Whether you’re overwhelmed by managing requirements, or need to improve the flow of communications with your contractors, find out how the flexible features of our software can save you time, money… and paper.

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The simple compliance solution for contractors

Contractor Compliance offers contractors a professional solution for providing qualifications to current and potential employers. Simply satisfy the requirements you receive from your customer when they request them, by uploading or reviewing official documentation, taking in-app tests, or providing certifications or licenses. You know you can do it, and now they do too.

Meet regulatory requirements

Store and manage documents that prove you can legally provide services.

Display current projects

Showcase brands you’ve worked with

Reduce liability

Receive automatic notifications from the system when requirements are expiring or overdue.

Build your reputation

Collect positive customer feedback by staying on top of requirements

Increase visibility

Network with organizations that are searching for the skills you possess

Proud to work with global industry leaders

We've got compliance covered.

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