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Our Story…

Contractor Compliance was born out of the idea that there had to be a different way to manage third party contractor compliance documents. Dealing with overflowing folders & spreadsheets, spending hours tracking down contractors information, and struggling to find data for audits were just a few of the stories our founders would hear on a daily basis. There had to be a better way – there had to be a different way.

Our customers wanted one thing – a simple software solution that take these tasks of their plate so they could focus on higher value tasks. From this, Contractor Compliance was born.
Contractor Compliance is the most cost effective, quickest to implement, and simplest to use contractor management software on the market.

With Contractor Compliance, communication between hiring organizations and contractors is streamlined to reduce time, save money, and reduce headaches.
Board of Directors
Mark Bania
Jason Woodrow
Jeremy Brown
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